About Us

Looking forward to getting to know YOU! We want Priss & Plum to not only be your go-to online shopping place for trendy, fashionable, comfortable, and cute styles but also to build a community of amazing ladies! There are so many amazing and wonderful women that we will never get to meet or know...the internet can bring us closer...and Priss & Plum can become our home base! We want to get to know you and hear about the amazing and even not so amazing things that happen in your life to cheer you on, witness your accomplishments, support you when you need, find laughter together in a not so kind world sometimes! If you need help deciding on some outfits, send us an email with a pic and some details of your favorite colors, styles, your normal size and we will be happy to offer you some suggestions and recommendations for some options that would make you feel amazing and confident! 

"Petals or Feathers, we love YOUR every layer!"

A little about us: Two best friends of over decade or so now, who both want to build something amazing! We both love clothes, jewelry and accessories, and shopping!

Tammy (Plum) living in a small town and not many options for clothing especially for Curvy and Plus sizes that didn't look old lady(no offense to our mature customers--I just was in my 20s and early 30s) or the shape of a tent that was not flattering at all so I wanted to offer cute styles in regular and Plus sizes(Plum size) that was easily available, good quality, and flattering fits! Lets face it, the better you feel and look the more confident you are and then watch out world!

Deanna (Priss) a mother of five awesome children, wife, and runs another successful business but wants to create a business that allows for more freedom so she will have more quality time with her family and friends. Living in a busy city with a large population stores became so crowded and also sold out of the best styles or limited sizes available...so she came to enjoy online shopping and she hopes to make an enjoyable shopping experience right from the comfort of your home!